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09 March 2005

Concert and Reception in Geneva

There was a splendid ambience at Geneva's Mandarin Oriental Hôtel du Rhône for the eagerly awaited first performance by the new Trio Montcaud: Amanda Favier violin, Marie-Stéphanie Janecek cello and Vanya Cohen piano.

The Trio formed as a result of the meeting of Ms Favier and Ms Janecek at the Swiss Global Artistic Foundation's first Jours des Arts at the Château Montcaud in southern France, the previous autumn. The two musicians discovered that their instruments were by the same maker, Matteo Gofriller, the renowned 18th century Venetian luthier, and that they sounded nothing short of incredible together.

The Trio's performance was enthusiastically received by the large audience in attendance, and drew critical acclaim. It seemed evident that this charming and talented ensemble was set fair for wider horizons.

The reception after the performance, hosted jointly by the Foundation, Château Montcaud and the Mandarin Oriental Hôtel du Rhône, was a convivial occasion.

Appreciative audience Trio Montcaud

Performers and friends at the reception

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