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29 September 2005

Concert and Reception in Geneva

The programme comprised vocal music, music for a percussion duo and then special choreography for two dancers accompanied by the two percussion players.

The strongly positive response from the audience to this uniquely creative musical evening has prompted ideas for similar programming in the future.


Catherine Torriani soprano
Ouri Bronchti piano

Songs by George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Cole Porter and Leonard Bernstein

Silvio Wey and Martina Balz marimba duo

N.J. Zivkovic Prokleti Koreni
David Samuels
David Friedman

Kathryn Bradney and Igor Piovano dancers
Silvio Wey and Martina Balz marimba duo

Astor Piazzolla Tango
N.J. Zivkovic Srpska Igra (Serbian Dance)
Emmanuel Séjourné Losa for Marimba Duo
Keiko Abe Wind across the Mountains

The presentation was commissioned and generously supported by Investec Trust, Geneva

English version Version française Deutsche Version