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06 October 2005

Jours des Arts II


Thursday, 6 October

3:00pm: Afternoon Tea (The Patio); tour of the grounds and herb garden and introduction to Head Chef M. Marc Buffet

5:00pm: Romanticism--An Historical Overview (Salon du Parc). Multi-media presentation by Dr Peter Tregear

6:30pm: Cocktails (Salle des Jardins)

7:00pm: The Romantic Impulse (Main Hall). Concert by Jay Gottlieb piano. Music and Poetry of the great Romantics

8:15pm: Dinner (Salons Combe & St Gervais)

Friday, 7 October

10:15am: The stringed instruments of Matteo Gofriller (Salon du Parc). Coffee Convocation, illustrated by Amanda Favier violin (Gofriller 1723) and Marie-Stéphanie Janecek cello (Gofriller 1716)

1:00pm: The Wines and History of the Region (The Patio). Bistro Luncheon introduced by Michael Green

2:30pm: Chopin and Musical Romanticism (Main Hall). Illustrated Recital by Dr Tamás Ungár piano

6:30pm: Cocktails (Salle des Jardins)

7:00pm: Concert (Salon du Parc). Isabelle Perrin harp and Clément Dufour flute

8:15pm: Dinner (Salons Combe & St Gervais)

Late: Nightcap Serenade (Main Hall). Mark Milhofer tenor and Simon Zaoui piano

Saturday, 8 October

10:30am: Coffee Concert (Main Hall) by Amanda Favier violin and Vanya Cohen piano

11:30am: Meeting of the Advisory Board of the Anglo-Suisse Artistic Foundation (Salon du Sud)

1:00pm: Luncheon

2:30pm: Romantic Art (Salon du Parc). Multi-media Presentation by Dr Timothy Hunter

6:30pm: Cocktails (Salle des Jardins)

7:00pm : Concert (Main Hall). Marie-Stéphanie Janecek cello and Simon Zaoui piano

8:00pm: Romantic Dinner (Salons Combe & St Gervais) with musical interludes by Mark Milhofer tenor and Simon Zaoui piano

Sunday, 9 October

9:30am: Breakfast

10:00am: Farewell Concert (Main Hall). Simon Zaoui piano

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