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07 November 2008

Geoffrey Simon in November

Brisbane, Australia, 7 November 2008

Brisbane, Australia, 14 November 2008

[A post-concert letter from soloist Hahn-Bin to Foundation Director Heather de Haes.]

Dear Heather,

Even though I missed you dearly in Brisbane, I had a marvelous time in Australia.

Geoffrey was magnificent to work with and I learned greatly from him during our rehearsals.

I absolutely loved working with the Queensland Orchestra as well, with their staff courteous and professional and welcoming. I also enjoyed the city very much, as it reminded me of Santa Monica, where I grew up.

I am so grateful to you for believing me and supporting me throughout these years. Superb opportunities like the one I just had could not have happened without your support and I am so incredibly thankful to you for making it possible.

I am now working hard for my first YCA audition, which is in about 2 weeks. I will then have a series of chamber music concerts with my piano quartet, leading up to my Juilliard graduation recital on December 17th. I will then leave to Sarasota, Florida, to spend my winter break with the Perlman Music Program, continuing my lessons with Mr. Perlman and enjoying the great program (chorus, chamber music, etc) that PMP offers.

I wish to see you very soon and hope that everything is well with you -

Warmest regards,

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