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16 December 2010

Audition to Become a Swiss Global Young Artist

Age ranges:
Instrumental 16 - 28
Voice 20 - 32
Ensemble Average age not more than 28


To apply:

1. Please address your application to Heather de Haes, Director.
Via post: La Verrière, Avenue des Alpes 128, CH-1820, Montreux, Switzerland

2. Deadline: three weeks before a given audition period.

3. Make clear in your application which date and location you prefer.

4. Include CD recording, full biographical details, repertoire information and a recent colour photograph.

5. Include in your cover letter to Ms de Haes a statement of your plans and wishes as a musician.

6. Include three letters of recommendation from professional musicians who are in a position to assess your potential.

7. The Foundation at its sole discretion will decide whether or not to invite each applicant to attend the audition.

8. Travel and accommodation expenses are up to the individual applicant.


Notes on the Auditions:

1. Your Audition will last approximately 20 minutes.

2. You will choose the first work you perform; the panel will choose the subsequent works from your programme.

3. The panel may request any movement of a multi-movement work.

4. You should present a programme which well represents your taste, strengths and talent. A broad range of musical styles is expected and your skill in programme-building will be a factor in the evaluation. A variety of works ranging from short to extended is recommended.

5. Instrumentalists should include a concerto.

6. Singers should mix opera and song (oratorio optional).

7. You must provide your own accompanist (although pianists are not required to bring an accompanist for their concerto).

8. Please email your programme to us at least one week before your audition, along with the name of your accompanist, if any.

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