Arts Global

08 October 2014

Arts Global Jazz Workshop and Retreat

It is often said that there are three keys to excellence: Instruction, Practice, and Environment. This selective workshop focuses on all three. Kate and Vic design a personalized course of instruction for each student, guiding the participants to their individual voices and creativity. Singers and musicians also worked in duo format under guided instruction and learned how to listen to each other and create together bringing out each other’s strength’s. Singers and musicians were brought together to develop collaborations on everything from writing new songs in different styles and grooves to singing in 2 to 5 part harmony. Also learning to communicate with the rhythm section and develop arrangements on a daily basis empowered students. The nights ended with conversations after beautiful chanting and sound healing improv, which led to dialogue about the creative flow and letting go of creative blocks. The beauty of the this experience is even when not receiving direct instruction, there is a culture of practice, and students are often found working out technique, writing songs, and experimenting with new ideas all hours of the day and night.

Finally, the environment is one of excellence, and also of sharing and support. The participants became friends, co-writers, and mentors to one another. The community forces collaboration and growth in a way that cannot be achieved by individual or private study. Students bonded as they cooked, ate meals and shared their stories. Singers, guitarists and other musicians learned to support and inspire each other and believe in themselves. Indeed Kate and Vic are not only masters of their craft, but also brilliant pedagogues who understand all of the key components needed to realize excellence in their students.

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