Dominique Föllmi
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Dominique Föllmi Founder and President, L'Orchestre International de Geneve


Based in Geneva, Dominique Föllmi has devoted his entire career to his beloved international city and the service of teaching and culture. He has served as professor, administrator and finance director of Geneva University, as a member of the board of Education Offices, and as administration and finance director of Public Education.

Political Career

-Member of the Parliament of the City of Geneva
-Member of the Parliament of the Republic and Canton of Geneva
-Head of Public Education and Culture, Government of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, 1985-1993
-President of the Government of Geneva, 1990

Responsibilities after Politics:

-President of the Diplomatic Club of Geneva for 10 years
-President of Cultural Programming of the United Nations in Geneva
-President of the organising committee of the United Nations 50th anniversary celebrations in Geneva, 1995
-President of the Foundation Council of the Conservatoire de Genève where he founded the Music High School of Geneva
-President of the Geneva Chamber Orchestra for 12 years, which, under his presidency, became one of the foremost chamber orchestra in Europe
-Presidenct of the Geneva Section of the Association of Friends of the International Menuhin Music Academy, since 2010
-Founder of the L'Orchestre International de Genève in 2010
-Appointed to International Advisory Committee of the Royal Opera House in Muscat, by the Prime Minister of the Sultanate of Oman, in May 2011


In 1995, Mr Dominique Föllmi received the "Légion d’Honneur" from the Republic of France under the Presidency of François Mitterrand.