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If Mozart sometimes admitted to not having a particular attraction for the flute (…..) it‘s no doubt that he had never listened to the enchanting accents of Loïc Schneider… ("Le Journal de Saône et Loire" 23/10/2009)

Applauded by the press, Loïc Schneider has also received the plebiscite of his most distinguished elders in international competitions of high prestige. Laureate of the Rampal Competition (2005) and of the Kobe Competition (2009 ), he has also won  first prizes in 2006 at Beijing at the Nicolet Competition, in 2007 at the Larrieu Competition at Nice and finally at the renowned ARD Competition in Munich in 2010. In Munich he was additionally acclaimed by the public, who awarded him an Audience Prize for the ease of his technique and the quality of his interpretation.

This success has naturally permitted Mr Schneider to perform both as soloist and in chamber ensembles in France (Menton Festival, Radio-France) as well as Europe (Italy, Switzerland, Germany) and Asia (Taiwan, China, Japan) in repertoires ranging from baroque to contemporary.

Born in 1981 in Strasbourg, Mr Schneider studied flute at the music school (CNR) of his native town with Christine Turellier, Philippe Jolivet and Sandrine François. He later continued studies with Claude Lefèbre at the CNR of Paris before beginning, as the very first one nominated, at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris in the class of Sophie Cherrier. Before his studies were complete, he had earned a first prize and obtained the position of 1st solo flutist at the National Orchestra of Lorraine at Metz. He occupied this post from 2004 to 2009. He was then nominated 1st solo flutist of the Swiss Romande Orchestra at Geneva by Maestro Marek Janowski.

Outside of his interest and enthusiasm for orchestral repertoires, Mr Schneider is equally passionate about chamber music. It is in this vein that in 2006 he created, with two colleagues from the National Orchestra of Lorraine, the "Salon de Musique", a chamber music ensemble of flexible proportions. This variability offers him the opportunity to explore a sometimes more exacting but none the less palpitating repertoire.