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The Australian classical guitarist Simon Powis enjoys a truly international career. In the past years he has performed throughout the United States, Sweden, Belgium, England, Germany, Austria, Spain, Canada, Liechtenstein, and, of course, his home country of Australia. As a result of these travels, he has collaborated with a wide range of artists, such as Ian Swenson violin, Eden Stell Duo guitar and Karin Haglund piano. In addition to a diverse array of projects, such as recording movie soundtracks, touring with musicals and charity fundraisers, he has premiered over thirty new compositions for guitar by contemporary composers.

Mr Powis commenced musical studies at the age of five, performing in brass bands on the cornet. Several years later, after being presented with his first guitar, he never looked back and refined his skills at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, London's Royal Academy of Music and now at the Yale School of Music in the United States. At Yale he is completing a Masters of Music in performance with the world renowned pedagogue and performer, Ben Verdery. His studies at Yale are generously funded by the Sydney University Traveling Scholarship.

Having success in numerous competitions, such as the 2MBS Young Performer of the Year Award and the Sydney Classical Guitar Competition, Mr Powis was afforded the opportunity to undertake studies with some of the world's finest classical guitarists. Masterclasses with David Russel, Pavel Steidl, Aniello Desiderio and Ignacio Rhodes have been major influences in his development, and this summer, courtesy of the Australian Council for the Arts, he will attend the famous Siena master course with Oscar Ghiglia.

Now based in the United States and employed as a guitar teacher at Yale University, Mr Powis continues to promote Australian music through collaboration with Australian musicians and composers.

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