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18 November 2004

Music and Art against AIDS

The Swiss Global Artistic Foundation supported the appearance of two fine marimba players. The musicians defined a musical programme to complement the Zimbabwean stone sculptures and the art works of Mark Harrington, which were exhibited at this event.

The revenues from the evening went to the Shona Foundation and Aids in Africa.


Silvio Wey and Martina Balz marimba and vibraphone

Part 1

Keiko Abe Wind Across Mountains
Séjourné Losa
Bach Fantasia
Zivkovic Prokleti Koreni
arr. Christen Bless the Lord

Part 2


Two Movements
i. Lento
ii. Piu mosso
Tanaka / Samuel S. Friedman Carousel
Zivkovic Srpska Igra
Debussy Le petit nègre

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