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Heather de Haes, OAM Founder and President


Heather de Haes was born in Australia and educated in Australia and New Zealand. She holds a university degree in Arts and in Music, and has performed as a professional flautist, in particular with the New Zealand Concert Programme series and the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra. She has also taught and lectured in literature and music.

Upon her arrival in London some twenty-five years ago, she set up a number of highly successful business enterprises associated with the arts, and in particular, fine painting. She subsequently added high-quality residential real estate to her commercial interests, using her artistic skills to add value to prime properties in London, western Switzerland (around Lake Geneva) and Manhattan. The website Arts Global Enterprises setails Heather's achievements in business and commerce.

In 1999, Heather decided to "give back" to the arts, not as a performer but through fostering the careers of outstandingly talented young musicians from around the world. Arts Global is the result: "a foundation empowering emerging artists and advancing social change." Arts Global is a registered charity in the UK, Switzerland and USA, and in 2015 will add an Australian chapter. In addition to working in the field of music, Arts Global is becoming increasingly active on the broader world stage, assisting and partnering in humanitarian projects in Africa, India and South America. Heather's address to the Global African Investment Summit, held in London in October 2014, presents an investment style which combines commercialism, philanthropy and education so as to generate substantial and sustainable benefits for populations in need.

From 2008 to 2014 Heather was Chairman and International Director of the Australian Music Foundation, which offers financial support to talented Australian music students wishing to pursue post-graduate courses in leading music education institutions in Europe.

In 2014 Heather de Haes was awarded the coveted Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for her services to advancing Australian music internationally.