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Arts Global supports emerging professional artists of exceptional talent.

To see our artists, click on the category here or in the gold panel. Classical and Contemporary/Jazz list the Foundation's current Roster of Emerging Artists. Alumni lists the Arts Global Fellows who have completed their term on the Artists' Roster. Then, by clicking on an artist's name, you can read his/her biography, listen to the music or see the art.
Alternatively, find an artist by means of the search facility.
Notes for Artists
Becoming an Arts Global Artist
The identification and selection of artists occurs through a variety of sources, not least this website. Artists are invited to submit enquiries to the Foundation's Director, Heather de Haes. Comprehensive biographical information should be included but, in the first instance, no recordings or other examples of work. If our Artistic Committee feels there may be a possible match, further materials will be requested and an audition arranged.

As a Foundation Artist, you would:

  • Appear on our Artists' Roster
  • Appear on our website,, with your biography, photographs, examples of your work and news items about your major achievements
  • Be offered performance opportunities where possible and appropriate
  • Be offered recording opportunities on the Cala Records / Arts Global label where possible and appropriate
  • Be offered coaching and career guidance if we mutually feel they are appropriate
  • Be offered the use of a fine instrument from our collection, where appropriate and subject to availability
  • In exceptional circumstances, be offered financial assistance towards advanced studies, or assistance with special needs, such as, for example, finding a high-quality musical instrument
  • Where we are able, be offered networking opportunities with the music industry
  • Normally remain on our list for two or three years, or until we feel it is time for you to move to the next level of your career, at which time you become one of our Alumni

As a Foundation Artist, you would be obliged:

  • To keep us regularly updated with your biography, photos and news of your achievements
  • To mention your standing as an Arts Global Artist in your biography, promotional materials and wherever else it is possible and appropriate
  • When placed by the Foundation in festivals, recital series or as a soloist with an orchestra or an opera production, to help us ensure that Arts Global is duly credited for your appearance