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27 December 2011

Eminent South American Director Joins Staff

Swiss Global is pleased to welcome esteemed Venezuelan director Pablo Croce to its team. The director and producer of film and documentary has won awards from the Tribeca Film Festival as well as MTV, and has directed in a variety of genres including commercials and music video. Trained in music at Ars Nova College of Music, Mr Croce is currently signed with United Talent Agency and in development of three feature films.

Please visit Mr Croce's personal website for additional information:

26 December 2011

Hear L'OIG Online!

The Geneva International Orchestra (L'OIG), a Swiss Global-partnered organisation, presented an exceptional concert 23 September under the Patronage of the Consulate of Japan. The concert, taking place at the ornate Victoria Hall in Geneva and featuring renowned cellist Gautier Capuçon (pictured right), is now available for listening on the L'OIG website. 

Click here and then select "Concert Recordings" to hear the performance!

25 December 2011

Happy New Year from Swiss Global

On behalf of Heather de Haes and the entire staff of the Swiss Global Artistic Foundation, we wish you health, happiness and success in this new year. Best of luck to you and all your artistic endeavours!

Please visit our 2011 Archives, and join us in looking back over another successful year.

29 November 2011

The Soldier's Tale at the Russian Embassy

In late November, the Foundation presented a unique production of Igor Stravinsky's Histoire du Soldat (The Soldier's Tale). The concert, in coordination with the Swiss Embassy and taking place at the Russian Embassy in Washington DC, featured narration by Keith Miller and conducting by Advisory Board Member Geoffrey Simon. Histoire du Soldat was premiered in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1918. Konstantin Soukhovetski piano performed additional music.

Please click the underlined date to read the event programme.

21 November 2011

Tenebrae Choir Receives Top Review

British-based professional choir Tenebrae, of which Heather de Haes is Patron, was reviewed in BBC Music. The choir's new album, Songs of Farewell, as well as conductor Nigel Short (pictured left) received rave marks!

Please visit the Press section or click the underlined date above to read the article.

19 November 2011

Memorial for Sir Charles Mackerras

The Australian Music Foundation (led by Swiss Global Director Heather de Haes) presented a Memorial Concert on 19 November at London’s Royal Academy of Music in memory of the great Australian conductor and oboist Sir Charles Mackerras. Several musicians from leading English orchestras were featured as part of the ceremonies.

Sir Charles died last year at age 84 after a long battle with cancer. He continued to conduct throughout his final illness, and the AMF and Swiss Global honour his memory.

08 November 2011

The New York Times Reviews Tenebrae

See the Press section or click here to read the smashing review of the recent Tenebrae concert in New York.  Heather de Haes is Patron of the British-based professional choir, which performed a concert of 20th-century British choral music on 6 November.

06 November 2011

Tenebrae Returns to New York!

The elite professional British choir Tenebrae, of which Swiss Global Director Heather de Haes is Patron, returned to New York on Sunday 6 November for a special concert performance. The ensemble, directed by Nigel Short, presented a variety of works for unaccompanied choir, including pieces by John Tavener, Ralph Vaughan Williams and others. The candlelit venue, St Mary the Virgin Church in Times Square, served as solemn background to an evening of unforgettable secular and religious music.

Please click the underlined date to view concert photos.

03 November 2011

Swiss Global meets Tenebrae

The Swiss Global Artistic Foundation is excited to announce its musical collaboration with the highly acclaimed British chamber choir Tenebrae. For more information, please go to our Special Projects page.

03 November 2011

Twitter and Facebook

The Swiss Global Artistic Foundation is now on Twitter and Facebook! You can find us on Twitter by clicking the following link:

Or follow us on Facebook by clicking the 'Like' button from the following page (please copy the link below into your address bar):

02 November 2011

Russian Friends of the Swiss Global Artistic Foundation

We are delighted to announce the launch of our newly formed circle: The Russian Friends of the Swiss Global Artistic Foundation.

Briana Lesesne has joined our team, and will be directing this organisation from London. She may be contacted at

We are linking the launch of this group to our concert in Washington DC on 29 November at the Russian Embassy. Celebration in the true style will also be done with our "Vodka and Canapes Soiree" in London in December.

Please click the underlined date to read an article by eminent journalist Michael Green, detailing the history of Russian-Swiss cultural alliances.

21 October 2011

News for Friday 21st from Heather de Haes

I would like to share this thought with you from one of our Jazz Roster musicians, Marcus Miller: Marcus is a Harvard Graduate, who worked on Wall Street, but then decided that the pull of the music inside was too strong. He left the financial district, moved into a different district, and now shares his passion and music with many.

t'2-t'1 = (t2-t1) /((1-(v/c)2)^(-1/2))

Where t =time in at rest, t’=time when moving, v=your speed, c=speed of light. Which basically means that the faster you move, the slower time moves. Maybe the analogy doesn’t quite hold up but humor me. I’ve been checking out a great book on relativity recently and if I ever get through with the covariant derivative, I’d love to tell you more about the cool physical insights.

Its funny how certain habits and tendencies never seem to leave. Even though, I have no immediate use for them, nor do I have a circle of friends who are interested, Math and Physics stay close to my heart. Music is the same way. There were times when I tried to give it up and head off in another direction, but every time I tried to leave something kept pulling me back (me back telling you I need you in my life…sometimes it feels like a misty rain… Jaco). Sometimes circumstances that don’t allow you to leave are pleasant, like flashes of inspiration and nostalgic passion. Other times they come in the form of magnificent failures, stupendous disasters, and beautiful blunders that correct you from going too far astray. I try to enjoy them both as best I can. If nothing else, the failures make for great stories with interesting people while dining at the edge of the world.

20 October 2011

Brahms and Liszt Concert for the Swiss Ambassador

An exciting programme of Brahms and Liszt was presented by Foundation artists on 20 October at the Washington DC residence of the Swiss Ambassador to the United States. The intimate evening, in celebration of the bicentennial of Liszt's birth, was for invited guests only, and featured Luke Fleming viola (above left), David Fung piano (above right) and Mark Dover clarinet.

Please click the underlined date to see photos of the Ambassador's famous residence, designed by Steven Holl Architects and Rüssli Architekten AG.

20 October 2011

Huffington Post Features Swiss Global

See the Press section or click here to read the exciting new article in the Huffington Post, detailing the Foundation and its events in May 2011!

12 October 2011

Cocktail Reception with Australian Ambassador

The Australian Consul General in New York, Phillip Scanlan AM, hosted a cocktail reception on 12 October for Australian Music Foundation students residing in the northeast United States. This networking event, for invited guests only, served to further assist young AMF grant recipients as they pursue music studies in America.

The AMF is led by Swiss Global Director Heather de Haes.

07 October 2011

A Jazz Workshop, Master Class and Concert in the Hamptons

On 7 and 8 October, Swiss Global jazz advisor Kate Baker (pictured right), as well as other eminent jazz musicians, led a two-day series of master classes and workshops on the art of jazz, blues and R&B performance. Presented in partnership with the Playhouse Project, classes detailed “what it takes to produce a jazz sound” as well as explored and defined different styles of performance and interpretation.

Selected high school students from the South Fork area of Long Island were invited to participate. Highlights of the weekend included faculty jams, ensemble sessions and food!

Please click the underlined date for complete Jazz Weekend details.

06 October 2011

Part Three of American Concert Series in New York

In continuation of a 4-part concert series at the New York residence of the Consul General of Switzerland, Ambassador Barras hosted an evening of musical entertainment for our American Friends of the Swiss Global Artistic Foundation. The donor event on 6 October featured Laure Barras soprano, Jean-Sélim Abdelmoula piano, Lionel Cottet cello and Louis Schwizgebel piano. As special guest lecturer, noted psychiatrist Richard Brockman discussed Mary Shelley and Frankenstein.

Please click the underlined date to view the event programme.

06 October 2011

Auditions for "A Soldier's Tale"

The Foundation auditioned instrumentalists on 6 October for an upcoming concert production of Stravinsky's Histoire du Soldat (A Soldier's Tale) which will occur 29 November in Washington DC.  The concert is in coordination with the Swiss Embassy and will take place at the Russian Embassy.

05 October 2011

AMF and Swiss Global Begin Opera Auditions for 2012 Season

The Australian Music Foundation (led by Swiss Global Director Heather de Haes) auditioned vocalists on 5 October for proposed operatic productions. AMF North America’s inaugural season in New York is scheduled for the spring of 2012, to concur with other projects to be presented by the Swiss Global Artistic Foundation.
Operatic productions under consideration include La Chiusa's Send: Who are you, I love you and il segreto di Susanna as the SGAF piece. Brendan Moffit will direct, Milos Repicky will conduct.

Please click the underlined date to read the audition invitation.

23 September 2011

Geneva International Orchestra in Concert for Japan

The Geneva International Orchestra (L’OIG) presented an exceptional concert under the Patronage of the Consulate of Japan.

After a triumphant opening concert in Oman for the 40th National Day of the Sultanate of Oman, the Geneva International Orchestra gave a unique concert at the Victoria Hall in Geneva, Switzerland, on Friday, 23 September, under the direction of the renowned conductor Emmanuel Krivine (pictured right), together with the great cellist Gautier Capuçon.

Click the underlined date to view photos, as well as for further details.  Please click here to view a review from Le Temps.

22 September 2011

Geneva International Orchestra in Concert for Japan - Press Releases

The Geneva International Orchestra (L'OIG) presented a unique concert at the Victoria Hall in Geneva, Switzerland, on Friday, 23 September, under the direction of the renowned conductor Emmanuel Krivine, together with the great cellist Gautier Capuçon.

Please visit the Press section to read assorted press releases.

16 September 2011

Swiss Global and OSPAC Jazz Festival Present One Night and One Day of Quintessential Jazz

On Friday and Saturday, 16-17 September, Swiss Global teamed up with the OSPAC Jazz Festival for a two-day performance extravaganza, featuring vibrant and talented jazz artists from around the world. The Ninth Annual Jazz Festival, taking place in an open-air setting in West Orange, New Jersey, was emceed by radio personality Gary Walker and featured international food vendors as well as artisans and crafts. OSPAC Executive Director Kate Baker (pictured right) said: “Our lineup of artists is an international mix of quintessential jazz stylists and modern and cultural jazz interpreters.” (Jazz star Ali Jackson, pictured left)

Swiss Global’s mission in this festival remains to benefit artists while providing significant cultural experiences. Beginning with classical musicians, the Foundation has expanded its scope and now includes jazz talents as well as musical theater performers.

Please click the underlined date for photos and full details.

15 September 2011

Gallatin Room Dedication at the Jefferson Hotel

The Embassy of Switzerland, The Jefferson Hotel and Swiss Global presented a concert in celebration of the Gallatin Room Dedication. The 15 September concert took place at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington DC, and featured three Swiss Global artists from Switzerland: Louis Schwizgebel-Wang piano, Lionel Cottet cello and Sébastian Jacot flute.

Albert Gallatin (pictured above), born and raised in Geneva, emigrated to the United States and became a U.S. Senator, a Congressman, the longest-serving U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, U.S. negotiator of the Treaty of Ghent, U.S. Minister to France and Britain, and the first president of the Council of New York University, among other distinctions.

Please click the underlined date for further information.


17 July 2011

Swiss Global at Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition

We are thrilled to report that Swiss Global was well represented at this year’s 6th Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition in Melbourne, Australia. The Finzi Quartet competed using The Evangelists, the world’s only played matched set of string quartet instruments by a master maker. The Evangelists were acquired by Swiss Global in 2008 and given on loan to young strings players.

Also competing in Melbourne was Luke Fleming viola of the Attacca Quartet. We are pleased to announce that the Attacca Quartet took Third Prize!

21 June 2011

Summer Solstice Cocktail Soirée

Foundation President Heather de Haes and American Friends of Swiss Global hosted a Solstice Soirée to celebrate the start of summer. On 21 June the Foundation returned to the famed Lotos Club in New York for an evening of classical, jazz and pop music, enjoyed by members of the American Friends of Swiss Global.

The Lotos Club, an august literary organisation, has served for years as a gathering place for Foundation events in the United States.

Please click the underlined date to view the invitation and read a review.

21 May 2011

Cello Recital in Lausanne Featuring Young Artist

On 21 May Swiss Global returned to the idyllic Beau Rivage Palace Hotel in Lausanne for a concert evening featuring Marie-Stéphanie Janecek Juma cello, a young artist of unique charm and musical charisma.

Check back soon for details!

10 May 2011

Part Two of American Concert Series in New York

In continuation of a 4-part concert series at the New York residence of the Consul General of Switzerland, Ambassador Barras hosted an evening of musical entertainment for our American Friends of the Swiss Global Artistic Foundation. The donor event on 10 May 2011 featured Matthew Garrett tenor (pictured right), Djordje Nesic piano, Simon Powis guitar, Sébastian Jacot flute and Riko Higuma piano.

Please click the underlined date to read the programme, and click here to view photos!


23 March 2011

The Pilgrimage of the Evangelists, Part Two

Since the Finzi Quartet’s victory at Swiss Global’s First International Competition last July, it has enjoyed exclusive use of the Foundation’s prized string quartet, The Evangelists. The Pilgrimage of the Evangelists is Swiss Global’s ongoing news series which details the journey of the instruments – an odyssey that started with the loan to the Modigliani Quartet in 2008.

Click the underlined date to read Part 2, in which the musicians of the Finzi Quartet describe their experiences performing and rehearsing with the rare instruments.


19 March 2011

American Young Artist Starring in World-Premiere Opera

The American tenor Matthew Garrett will play a leading role in the world premiere of Michael Dellaira’s opera “The Secret Agent” on 18 and 19 March in New York. The opera will tour to Hungary later this year. The Young Artist has performed throughout the United States and Europe, in opera as well as oratorio and recital.

18 March 2011

Swiss Global Virtuoso Orchestra Debuts in Lausanne

The Foundation's partnership with Musique & Médecine presented an exciting evening concert set in the beautiful location of Beau-Rivage Palace, Lausanne. Featuring the Swiss Global Virtuoso Orchestra, directed by Foundation Artistic Advisor Wilson Hermanto (pictured right) and accompanied by acclaimed French soloist Gautier Capuçon cello (pictured left), the programme included Elgar, Haydn and Bartók. Please click the underlined date to view the poster as well as photos!

12 March 2011

A Swiss Global Presentation: Speakeasy Moderne

A Swiss Global Presentation:

Speakeasy Moderne: Mingle with the Stars

An evening of cabaret, jazz and American musical theatre in the heart of New York City, which featured stars from Broadway's greatest shows.

Click the underlined date for photos!

In 2011 the Foundation is pleased to be helping talented artists in new music theatre, by incorporating broadway, cabaret and jazz musicians in our events and projects. Talented artists hail from every corner of the globe and their pathway to success is not always easy, especially in these highly competitive performance areas. By supporting Speakeasy and other similar events, Swiss Global Artistic Foundation has within its reach the ability to nurture the lives of those who can, in turn, uplift all of ours.

11 March 2011

Meet Official Hank: Host of Speakeasy Moderne

Official Hank’s credits include opening for music star Amber, performing on the Hammerstein Ballroom Stage with fashion guru Richie Rich, and providing runway music for New York’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. He is also a regular talent at Bistro Chat Noir.

In summer 2010, students of the New York Film Academy collaborated with Official Hank, who had recently partnered with New York-based multi-platinum songwriter/arranger/producer Heather Holley (known for launching Christina Aguilera’s career).

Click here to view Official Hank’s music video, as created by the New York Film Academy.

08 March 2011

Thank You to the Consul General of Switzerland in New York

We are very pleased and grateful for the support and endorsement of Ambassador Francois Barras, Consul General of Switzerland in New York, for kindly hosting an evening for our American Friends of the Swiss Global Artistic Foundation at his residence. The donor event on 8 March 2011, Brahms and Liszt in Switzerland, featured three outstanding young musicians: Timothy Fain violin, Jacques Wood cello and David Fung piano.

27 February 2011

Conunova Receives Prize Violin at German Competition

The Foundation is pleased to announce Alexandra Conunova violin was a major winner at the German Instruments Music Foundation competition in late February. As part of her prize, she was awarded use of a Santo Seraphin violin (Venice 1735) for one year.

Ms Conunova will serve as concertmaster of the newly formed Swiss Global Virtuoso Orchestra at the 18 March concert in Lausanne. See the News article above for more details!

26 February 2011

Swiss Global Composer Announces Premieres and New Website

Please click the underlined date to read the latest newsletter from Swiss Global Young Artist Nell Shaw Cohen composer. The talented musician announces several premieres of her works in the coming weeks, as well as the launch of her own multimedia portfolio website.

23 February 2011

Violinist Hahn-Bin Featured in New York Times

Swiss Global Young Artist Hahn-Bin violin was featured in a major article in the New York Times. Whether appearing at Carnegie Hall or at Fashion Week's Louis Vuitton gala, his combination of fine instrumental work with unforgettable costume and hair choices has truly helped him to stand out in the New York music world.

Please visit the Press section to view the article.

18 February 2011

American Concert Series in Planning for 2011

Advance Notice: Swiss Global is pleased to announce a US-based Concert Series to take place in New York in 2011.  Foundation Young Artists will be featured during this multi-month project.

Performances will take place at the New York residence of Ambassador François Barras at the following dates:

Tuesday, 8 March 2011 Tuesday, 10 May 2011
Thursday, 6 October 2011 Tuesday, 6 December 2011


17 February 2011

Audition Tour 2011 Brings Nine New Young Artists

Swiss Global is thrilled to report that the overwhelmingly successful audition tour in London and Geneva has brought nine talented Young Artists to its international roster. Representing countries as varied as Moldova and Monaco, these nine musicians (three perform together as Trio Ernest Chausson) outshone the competition during the challenging audition process. Pictured above left to right: Hadleigh Adams bass-baritone, Trio Ernest Chausson piano trio (Philippe Talec, Boris de Larochelambert, Antoine Landowski), Alexandra Conunova violin, Florian Coutet tuba, Martina Filjak piano, Sébastian Jacot flute and Loïc Schneider flute.

16 February 2011

Foundation Loans Prized Cello to Australian String Quartet

As part of its ongoing commitment to promoting and helping to mature the talents of young artists around the world, Swiss Global is proud to announce it has loaned its prized Grancino cello to the members of the Australian String Quartet. The Milanese instrument is dated 1700, and is part of a collection of rare and valuable musical instruments the Foundation provides on loan to selected artists.

Founded in 1985, the Australian String Quartet is Australia's premiere string quartet, and presents an annual program of chamber music throughout its home country as well as internationally.

Click the underlined date for photos of the Grancino cello.

15 February 2011

Tribute to Dame Joan Sutherland

In her capacity as International Director of the Australia Music Foundation, Heather de Haes, Founder and President of the Swiss Global Artistic Foundation, recently participated in the moving service of thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey, London, for the life and work of the legendary Australian soprano, Dame Joan Sutherland, who died at the end of last year and was a long-time resident of Switzerland until her death.

The service, conducted by the Dean of Westminster, Dr John Paul, was in the presence of H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, representing H.M. Queen Elizabeth, and attended by more than two thousand people, many with close associations with the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, where Dame Joan first attained global recognition for her outstanding vocal artistry, particularly in the bel canto repertoire, her husband and musical associate, the conductor Richard Bonynge, members of her family and personal friends and representatives of the Australian High Commission. Performances of music linked with Joan Sutherland, as well as some of her own recordings, were interspersed with prayer and bible readings and an address by Sir John Tooley, the former Director of the Royal Opera House.

In her prayer reading, Heather de Haes stated : "We give thanks for the magnificent example Joan gave to younger artists and for the inspiration and support she gave to her colleagues; for her ability to challenge, console and comfort through the music she made."

Click here to read the guest list, as documented in The Times, and please click the underlined date for additional information, including links to press coverage.

14 February 2011

Steinway & Sons Selects Foundation Young Artist for Renowned Honor

Swiss Global Young Artist David Fung piano was recently invited to become a Steinway Artist, as decided by the Concert and Artist Manager of Steinway & Sons. This extraordinary recognition places him among the elite class of pianists around the world, with members such as Daniel Baremboim and Leon Fleisher, and will serve as a further showcase for his immense talents. Congratulations to David!

Click here to view the German Steinway website, which lists David Fung under "F".

13 February 2011

Swiss Global Welcomes World-Renowned Musician to Advisory Board

The Foundation is immensely pleased to welcome internationally-known guitarist and composer Benjamin Verdery to its Advisory Board. Since 1980, the American musician has performed worldwide in theaters and festivals, and has collaborated with some of the world's best loved artists. A prolific composer, many of his works have been performed, recorded and published over the years. Since 1985 he has served as chair of the guitar department at Yale School of Music, and each summer leads his Annual International Master Class on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

For further information about Mr Verdery, please visit his personal website,

12 February 2011

Baritone Wins Top Prize in Austria

The Foundation has just learned that its Young Artist Erwin Belakowitsch baritone was the first place winner in the Voice Division of the 2010 Johannes Brahms International Competition in Austria. He was also awarded a Special Prize for best interpretation of a modern work. Congratulations to Erwin!

Click here to link to the competition website, which includes the full list of winners.

01 February 2011

Memorial Concert with Tenebrae

The British choir Tenebrae, of which Swiss Global President Heather de Haes is proud to be a Patron, presented a memorial concert on 1 February 2011 for Barbara Pollock.  Ms Pollock, co-founder of the choir, died last March after a long battle with cancer. The memorial concert took place at St Bartholomew's Church in London, and celebrated and remembered the life of this remarkable woman.

Please visit the group's website and for more specific information.

05 January 2011

New Young Artist Auditions in Early 2011

The Swiss Global Artistic Foundation is pleased to announce that new Young Artists will be selected in January 2011. Auditions in London will take place on 28 January 2011 at Concert Artists Association (Bedford Street WC2, Covent Garden), and in Switzerland at the Geneva University of Music on 30 January. The applicants may present a program on their choice, but performed repertoire should not exceed 20 minutes.

For further information, contact